Double Six

you would if you could
preach Republicanism to the gamblers and their dice
but what would they say but
“join us”?
and what could you do but
but faced with the blue eyes of Phoebus, an angel
his Aryan locks just kept under control
bound together
his derision
the curled upper lip of Achilles, contempt weaving lines on his brow
so offer to take up his mantle, his armour,
take all but his spear
his passion, his cause, is too weighty a burden
take instead all you have, all you’ve learned
watch the derision, disdain and contempt
watch it fade in his eyes – as his worries return
“but you don’t believe in anything”
Achilles, how little you know, why I’ve fought, why I fight
as he watches with worry
a glimmer of hope
until you tell him what you’re fighting for
not Patria, your master’s mistress, so lightly throwing lives of men
upon a fiery furnace, a fickle she
who cares not for the faith of man
but rather, their abundance
“I believe in you”
some take it as banter, dismiss it as nonsense
a drunken babbling, caused by numbing of the wits
but he lets you, permits it – how prophetic!

So you preach to the gamblers of Patria’s beauty
and what do they say but “join us”?
and what can you do but

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