It does not shatter – that is to be said –
But when you strike the metal gold and red
It chimes a sound that mingles with a cry
Of anguish and of pain, filling the sky.
Although the sun has dulled the once-bright gold
The scarlet has retained its hue of old;
A stark reminder of the life’s-blood shed
Are the hourly glances at the dead.
Her agony prolonged with ev’ry ring
As she is forced again her song to sing –
The echo of the world she left behind
Ad infinitum calling back her mind.
Her suffering and pain we all can see
Peace! no longer ring it – let her be.

One thought on “Toll

  1. Ailsa Read says:

    How do you think of them Molly

    Another lovely one I am storing them all away

    Thank you so much — Very inspirational darling

    Hope you are both OK will call you tomorrow

    Much love xxxxxxxxx

    Ailsa Read

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