The Unremarkable

– Who is he, the man on the left?
– Him? Oh, he’s a robber
  A petty thief, more like than not
  And though he’s gone, his kind are not
  There’ll be many more like him around.
– And what of him? Him – on the right –
– His stock is much the same, I fear
  A criminal, not bad but wrong
  His like are always on this hill
  There’ll be many more like him around.
– And he? He in the centre, him?
– Another rebel, though I can’t
  Recall his name. His following
  Deserted him. They’re all the same.
  There’ll be many more like him around.



My name is Molly O’Gorman – I am 15 but am in 6th year (the last year of school in Ireland) and was all set to sit the Leaving Certificate (leaving exams) in June. I have done 18 months of the two year course and was prepared to sit my exams but the department of education has decided to stop me from sitting my exams on the grounds that I need two years between my Junior Certificate (G.C.S.E. equivalent)¬†sat in 3rd year and Leaving Certificate – I sat the Junior Certificate last year. This is completely ageist and unfair as I am now being forced to repeat a year that I have already done.

I have set up a petition in order to convince the Minister for Education to change her mind and change the rules to let me sit my exams – discrimination on account of age is completely wrong. I would be very grateful if anyone would sign it – it will only take you two minutes but it would make a massive difference to me!