To-Do List

One: see if they can get any more light in here

They haven’t put in the windows yet

And it’s terribly dark, you know

At get an electrician round, wire the place up

Get rid of that dimness.

Two: write to family, or call them, or something

you haven’t spoken to them since you moved

since you came here

and they’ll want to know all your news

and you need theirs

yes, you’ve been busy

but you can’t just cut yourself off, you’ll go mad you know

Three: talk to the council about the noise pollution

van coming around at three in the morning calling in at homes

all the noise the shouting

and the other noises the machines sort them out too

it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep

and of course it’s irrational but you know what they say about the senses

when you can’t see

because it’s so dim you see

the other senses get stronger

and the clankingandchopping takes on a sinisterfeel



but it’s stillnoisepollution andsomeone’sgot to tellthecouncil








One thought on “To-Do List

  1. Ailsa Read says:

    I love it Molly & so excited about NT play well done to get short listed


    Ailsa Read 07831 326309

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