Thank You List

One: thank you for the light

The glowing orb that you created

And put in the sky above my home

Out of the kindness of your heart

Or if not, does it matter?

Two: write to family, or call them, or something

you haven’t spoken to them since they left

and you stayed here

and they’ll want to know all your news

and you need theirs

yes, you’ve been busy

but you can’t just cut yourself off, you’ll go mad you know

Three: well there’s none of that


but the van still comesaround

at fourthirtyam and they stillcallout

which sometimes takes on a sinister feel


Four: this is more of anaddendum

but thankyou

fordoing this

out of the kindness of yourheart

because you loveme

and youdont hurt someone you loveandcare for

just for a greenstamp that makes you




One thought on “Thank You List

  1. Ailsa Read says:

    Thanks Molly We love your posts Keep them coming !!

    G xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Ailsa Read 07831 326309

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