Be Serious

Be serious

I am not a Greek hero

Does that shock you? do my words scathe?

Be serious

That I do not need your words to kill my mother

Is that a revelation?

Be serious

Such words would be unwelcome. I would rather

You had fallen into the Nile to drown

Does that surprise you?

Be serious

Even Alexander preferred the cult of conquest to Roman adoration

(or, at least, he should have)

Do not yet deify me

Surely that is owed to you

Shrines to the unwelcome

Burned throughout a disintegrating empire

Freedom lost to the individual



I owe you that much.




Broad Shadow – on at the National Theatre 6-8 July

My first play is being staged at the National Theatre!

I’m really excited about this –¬†Broad Shadow, my first play, is being staged in the National Theatre in London from 6-8 July. It will be on the Dorfman Theatre at half five each of those nights. Booking opens from the 21 June.

Follow the link at the top to read the article in The Stage.

Gott ist tot

Pygmalion is dead

And Galatea

Has gorged herself

On excess, glorious excess

And deprivation


Torn from the inside



One million, million, billion atoms

And minimal cohesion

Crying in the graveyard

Cracked and broken nails scrabbling through the dusty, grey gravel

And below, to the fertile, fallow soil

Lungs black with poison self-administered

And further, to where the splinters

Tear at her gangrenous fingertips

‘Why did you mould me? Why do I decay?’


The gilded cot is empty. Peace! no tears

Will call the shepherd of her righteous years

Overheard (at a wedding)

-friendly, open-minded

could talk for England, of course, but what did you expect?

and the energy! out

all night

always positive – it’s funny, really

and a real bitch – but only when you need a bitch

much easier than a dog, wouldn’t you agree?

the sidekick – we all need one

-and they make such lovely pets